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Superannuation Fund

Our company helps its clients to form Superannuation Plans for the employees going to retire within a short span of time or have been selected for VRS. Employees as well as the employer make their individual contribution for a long period resulting in the growth of a huge sum till retirement of the employee including interest. The entire fund is then transferred to the personal bank account of the retired employee. These funds act as substitute of a Provident Fund.

The Superannuation Plans are generated in the form of retirement plans so that the fund could be made exempted from paying Income Tax. This is possible when the interests accrued will be made free from tax. The contribution of employee is exempt from tax u/S 80C. But, the employer’s contribution will be taxable on employee when the amount crosses 1.5l. The team of accounts and tax professionals with us help the owner of a company make such Superannuation Fund for the benefit of the employees.

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Name Searching

Business Name must not be confused with the brand name. Brand name of a company is related to the brand that the company is dealing with. On the contrary, business name is keen with company name. The business name or the company name serves as the identity of a business. Therefore, new entrepreneurs seek help of professional units to perform Business Name Searching for them.

We help our clients in finding an appropriate name for their business. Our expert professionals take the optimum initiatives in making the name of a company unique in all respects. This is required as if the name chosen is found to have some congruency with another company’s name, clause of copyright will be imposed on the new company.

In case of sole proprietor firm, there is no such stringent clause. But, we advise to take a unique name in order to avert the possibility of changing name in future while the business is growing. Change at that stage would surely affect the potential growth.

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Company Registration

We help new comers in the business as well as established corporate groups to maintain the right kind of formalities while registering their companies with the governing authority. The entire process of Company Registration involves picking out the right kind of structure for the business. Choosing the right kind of structure for a business is most important since this allows an endeavor run with confidence while meeting the mission of the business. Presence of a proper structure helps in meeting or refurbishing the long term vision too.

Depending on the character of proposed business, company structure takes one of the following types:
  • 1. Partnership
  • 2. One Person Company
  • 3. Limited Liability Partnership
  • 4. Private Limited Company
  • 5. Public Limited Company
The choice of company structure, however, depends on the following considerations:
  • 1. Number of partners in the proposed entrepreneurship
  • 2. Role of initial investment in determining the selection
  • 3. Whether the client agrees to assume the entire responsibility
  • 4. Rates of Income Tax applicable to business
  • 5. Plan/s to gather investment
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Secretarial Services

We are one of the top companies to provide Secretarial Services to our clients. We are proud to have a highly dedicated team comprising best kind of legal professionals, CAs and secretarial experts in our company. We can thus coordinate superior forms of services in corporate and commercial laws and secretarial services.

Our customers get an extensive exposure to tackle extraordinary legal and corporate law issues. The team of expert with us is capable to provide solutions in the complicated matter of corporate and several commercial regulations. These include exchanging of control regulations, intellectual property rights laws, various other compliances like corporate governances and SEBI regulations, The entire team possess high-end experience in handling various legal and secretarial issues.

We provide active services in the field of corporate advisories, taxation and accounting issues. Our clientele include a number of inland and foreign conglomerates across various sectors. We are confident in providing services in both national and International jurisdictions.

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Deregistration of a
Defunct Company

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Business Registration

We provide the service of Business Registration to our clients. This is a particular method of listing business with the governing authority. A registration for business can take various forms that include Proprietorship Registration, registration for Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership Firm registration, registration of one person companies, Partnership Firm registration etc. The other important types are Private Limited Company Registration and Limited Company Registration.

Beside the above mentioned, some other forms of Business Registration prevail in India. These include registration of Finance Corporations and producer companies. There are certain companies whose registration demands some special application of legal clauses. The professionals in our company help an entrepreneur according to his requirement. Therefore, the clients are served to the level of their expectation. Consultations are offered free of cost.

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